• 24 Aug 2023
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With the Ambition module, a participant can describe in a number of text fields what the goals are for the future. When this module has the default settings, three fields will be available. These are 'My ambition', My motivation' and 'My thing'. Participants can enter text in these fields, there is no text processing option available.

The supervisors can find the completed ambitions on the overview of a participant. Under the tab 'Participant' there is an option for 'Ambition' if the module is enabled.

The title of an entry field and the number of entry fields per page can be adjusted. This allows a different description to be given to each field, which offers more freedom to control the participants. For example, it is possible to give a longer description per field, which can serve as an instruction when filling in. Only Paragin employees can make these adjustments.

The ambition module is linked to the showcase module. When a participant has filled in the ambitions, you can choose to show these ambitions when creating a showcase. When the showcase has been created, the participant can show how the ambitions have been (or will be) achieved. The strength of the module is therefore that participants themselves have control over the presentation of the ambitions.


Because the titles of the input fields can be adjusted, this module is very flexible. For example, it is possible to create multiple fields where a participant can describe himself and work towards the ambition in steps. Consider, for example, explaining the completed training and/or work experience, including the ambitions for a new challenge.

The link with the showcase module works well for this, because the participant can show the ambitions there. In the case of previous experiences, these are immediately shown in the showcase. If the participant presents the showcase, the recipient immediately sees this information.


  • Attendees

Participants can fill in the text fields in 'My ambition', which is the default name of this module. In this module, the text can be entered or changed at any time by clicking on 'Change data' at the top right of the screen. After adjusting the text, click on 'Save' or on 'Back to my ambition' to cancel the changes.

To include the ambitions in the showcase module, navigate to 'Showcase' (this is the default name). When creating or editing a showcase there will be an option that, with default settings, is called 'My ambition'. Click 'Yes' to enable it

  • Other users

Users who have permission to view a participant's profile have access to the ambitions. These cannot be changed, except by the participant himself. Navigate to a participant's portfolio, hover over 'Participant' and then select 'Ambitions' to view it.

Internal module name: Ambition

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.

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