Compentency matcher
  • 24 Aug 2023
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Compentency matcher

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Article Summary


This module can be used in combination with the Qualifications module. Qualifications must be added to this, with linked competencies.

Select a desired level in the competency matcher and select one or more competencies. Functions/qualification files are then shown that match the selection. The option can be enabled for participants and facilitators roles.


Use the competency matcher to bind participants to appropriate qualifications. Because this module can filter on both level and per competence, this combination can find a well-suited qualification for the participant. This can develop further with this.

Participants can perform a competency scan to gain more insight into the competencies that suit them. Read more about this in the article Competency scan.


Administrators, supervisors and participants can see the same set-up in the Competency matcher menu item. The competency finder shows all existing levels, with below that all competencies that are active in the environment. Each individual level and competence can be selected. Depending on the combination of levels and competencies selected, a list of qualifications will be displayed.

The contents of a qualification can be downloaded. This can be done by using the download button for a qualification from the list, or by entering a qualification in the input field and clicking on 'Download qualification content'.

Internal module name: Compmatcher

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.