• 24 Jul 2023
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Samenvatting van het artikel

Welcome to the front page of the Knowledge base for MyPortfolio.

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MyPortfolio was developed to provide active support to education, business and labor market in areas such as career development, mobility and other work-related challenges. By using an ePortfolio, these challenges can be addressed on a larger scale and, more importantly, more effectively, without losing focus on the individual user.

The platform consists of a large number of modules, which can be actively created and combined, in order to achieve the perfect solution for the challenge for which the platform will be deployed.

The basis is the portfolio of a participant: the person who is going to develop, record knowledge, be assessed or be matched using MyPortfolio. The participant is supported by one or more supervisors, managers or experts.

This allows the participant to build a portfolio of work experience, education and/or other relevant items. Questionnaires can then be completed and/or sent out to third parties. Training can be followed, temporarily or lifelong (Continuing Education). It is possible to create reports, record processes, match participants, communicate with each other or have participants present themselves. It's all possible within MyPortfolio and much more!

We would like to hear what challenge you are facing and think along with you how MyPortfolio can support you. We customize the platform for you, based on your wishes.

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.