• 24 Aug 2023
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The dashboard modules include functionalities related to the profile or start page of a participant or supervisor. There are three different modules related to this:


  • Dashboard text
  • Dashboard_other


The first causes the dashboard to turn on. It will be visible to participants as the Homepage menu item. The content of the homepage can be modified by administrators, in the Content management. This can be used, for example, as an introductory text or as an initial explanation page.

Dashboard text

This is a functionality that has been developed and can be made available to both supervisors and administrators. The facilitator can use this to create a personalized text on the start page of a participant. This text is an addition to the aforementioned dashboard and can therefore be seen at the same time.


A dashboard text can serve as the first information for when a participant has logged in. In this way, some guidance can be given immediately, for example by indicating where further information can be found, or by describing how certain modules can be used.

Each participant group can be assigned a different start page text. This can be useful when different participant groups need different information, for example when using different courses in one environment. This action must be performed by an administrator, because they can edit the dashboard text of multiple participants at the same time.


For the supervisor, this option can be found in the following place, when the module is activated within the environment:

  • Go to the 'portfolios' module, where all portfolios can be found.
  • Click on 'Go to this portfolio' for the desired participant.
  • Under the menu 'Participant' there is a tab 'Dashboard text'. A text editor appears here to create the desired dashboard text.

The participant can then see the text on the start page.


This module sets up a home page for companion roles. The exact roles can be set in the MyPortfolio background settings.

Different blocks can be shown on this page. These can be given different colors and the textual content can be adjusted. It is possible, for example, to place direct links here to other places in the MyPortfolio environment.

This module automatically includes a connection with participants who are linked to this teacher. If a participant has a portfolio, practical exam or other information, it can be displayed directly on the home page of the supervisors. Links are also placed here, so that supervisors can go to that information with a click. An example is shown below, where each row represents a participant's data.

Internal module name: dashboard, dashboardtext, dashboard_other

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.

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