Plagiarism check in MyPortfolio
  • 24 Aug 2023
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Plagiarism check in MyPortfolio

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In MyPortfolio it is possible to apply a plagiarism check to submitted text files, such as .docx and .pdf. The file goes through a large database with millions of websites and documents. Two types are available: TurnItIn and Ouriginal. These come from external organizations and have been entered as a link in MijnPortfolio. To use the functionalities, an agreement must be concluded with one of the external parties.

The plagiarism check is applied to files submitted by participants. When the check has been completed, a plagiarism indication will be shown in the overview of submitted files, for example: image.png.
In this way, a supervisor can immediately see whether a text corresponds excessively with the database of TurnItIn or Ouriginal. Clicking on the icon next to the percentage will display the full report.


By viewing the full report, it becomes clear why a submitted file matches a certain percentage. The plagiarism check marks the text that (strongly) matches one or more sources. A list will be prepared for facilitators to review each source.

The plagiarism checker also includes files uploaded by other participants. In this case, a high percentage of similarity can possibly be explained in another way. For example, a file may contain a form that is used by all participants. In such cases, it does not immediately mean that a participant has committed plagiarism. Keep this in mind and do further research if plagiarism is suspected.


There are no special settings for the plagiarism check. To activate the plagiarism check, a TurnItIn or Ouriginal customer number is required. Feel free to contact Paragin to ensure that it is done properly.

Internal module name: plagiarism

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.