• 24 Aug 2023
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Article Summary


In the Portfolio module, participants can present their portfolio and other matters. It is possible to add work experience and diplomas and upload various documents. The portfolio can be used like a CV in this way. There are also tabs to link knowledge and experience to a qualification and a timeline can be drawn up based on the added information.

This part of the MijnPortfolio environment can be adapted by Paragin to any individual requirements. Please contact us for consultation if there are specific wishes.

A portfolio can be found in a different place for different roles. For a participant, the menu item 'My portfolio' can be found on the left side of the screen.

Supervisors can view a participant's portfolio under the menu item 'Portfolios'. Here you will find a list of all available participants. Click on the button 'Go to this portfolio' on the right side of the screen. Then click on Portfolio under the Instruments tab. Clicking on the button at the top right of the screen.

Managing roles do not have direct access to the portfolio in the MyPortfolio environment, but can view a portfolio by logging in as a supervisor or participant and navigating to the portfolio. An administrator can also download an ePortfolio. This can be found under the menu item 'Portfolios'. Click on the download icon 'Download ePortfolio' for a participant to save a ZIP file with the contents.


The functionalities in the portfolio can serve as (the basis for) a resume. Because an overview is created for the followed courses, training and activities, this can be quickly presented to supervisors and external parties. Also use the PDF function to automatically create a PDF file. This can be downloaded so that it can be useful outside the environment.

If qualifications are included in the portfolio, these can be added to the relevant work experience. Participants can make a selection from the list of qualifications if this fits their work experience. For example, there is a clear connection with the tasks that were required for the qualification and the final work experience.


There are various modules that place information in a participant's portfolio. For example, see the article Personal Development Plan (PDP) and the insertion of qualifications obtained, see also the article [Qualifications and qualification files](/support/docs/myportfolio-qualification dossiers). The information created with these components can be included in the portfolio by the participant.
Adding information to the portfolio is only available to participants. The idea behind this is that a participant really owns their own portfolio. Supervisors can view it and possibly make suggestions for improvement.

Participants can add information under the menu item 'My portfolio'. On an available option, click "Add" to enter information. In a standard environment, there are three options for the tab 'My CV':

  • Relevant work experience. An organization can be entered here where the activities or other experiences have taken place. Also provide the job title. Note a date if necessary. It is optional to add a description and required skills. If there are relevant files to add, an upload button is available here. If qualifiers are used a list will be presented. A last and reminder can be set, for example if a certificate has an expiry date attached to it.

    At the bottom of this screen there is one last option. Check this box to add a project or activity to the work experience. Click on 'Save' when everything is filled in.

  • Education, diplomas and certificates. Enter the name of the programme/course/training, possibly including the specific person or institution that provided the education. Specify a start and end year. Check whether this part has been completed or not. Under 'Type of programme', choose from the drop-down list the most suitable description for this component and, if necessary, provide an explanation. Relevant documents can be uploaded. Here too, it is possible to tick applicable qualifications and set a reminder.

  • Other information and documents. Information from, for example, the POP module will appear under this heading if it is added to a portfolio. Participants can also make additions to this themselves. Choose at the title whether it concerns a test or assignment or choose 'Other'. In the last option, enter manually what kind of information/document it concerns. Provide an explanation and required skills, if desired. The same goes for the date and file upload. As with the other two options, qualifications can also be available for selection and a reminder can be set.

Internal module name: Portfolio

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.