• 24 Aug 2023
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Article Summary


The poster is a means for the candidate to present himself. All kinds of things from the participant's portfolio can be placed on the poster, such as questionnaires, photos & videos.

The poster can be given the look & feel that the participant wishes. For example, it can be presented in portrait or landscape format, in A3 or A4 format. The participant can choose the background, in color or image. The font and the colors of the letters can also be adjusted. You can also choose a background image. It does not have to be placed in the environment in advance.


The poster can be used by participants to send a collection of photos and videos or to present them in a physical environment. There are buttons to download the poster or to print it directly.

Because the poster has three lanes in which the images can be placed, a participant can use this to show a progression. If the MyPortfolio environment is used for practical assignments, for example, it is nice to present the results of those assignments on a poster.


See Photobook article to upload poster content.

As a participant, go to the menu item 'Poster'. At the top of the overview, a name of the poster can be chosen. This is placed at the top of the poster itself. Directly below that is expanded options. Expand this to change the orientation, size, background, transparency and color of the poster. Click "Save" to apply changes.

Directly below that is a field containing all uploaded content. This content can be dragged to the field on the right with the mouse. The position of the content can be seen in the poster preview at the bottom of the page. Below that you can see which posters have already been created by the participant.

Internal module name: Poster

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.