• 24 Aug 2023
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It is possible to generate reports within a MyPortfolio environment. Supervisor roles can create a report for each portfolio. With the default settings there is a possibility for an experience profile and general advice. Self-developed parts can also be set up.

Creating a report can be combined with other components within MyPortfolio, such as the Ambition- and Questionaire modules and the use of the Photobook


The experience profile can be filled in with, for example, recommendations, findings and conclusions. The participant can take this report with him and use it in addition to the portfolio. Think of job interviews or other things where these kinds of recommendations can be useful.

It can also be used internally in the environment if a participant or portfolio has to deal with several accompanying persons. When they all have access to the reports, a collection of recommendations can be made.

By using self-formatted report elements, a different set-up can also be used. Feel free to ask Paragin about the possibilities for this.

Settings reports

Completing a report can be done in a participant's portfolio. Accompanying roles can find these under the menu item 'Portfolios' and then 'Go to this portfolio'. There are several tabs to see, including 'Reports'. Hold the pointer over this tab to see what options are available.

Experience profile

The experience profile contains various input fields. The following parts may be found here:

  • Recommendations
  • Explanation of competence scan
  • Explanation of the questionnaire
  • Level indication
  • Route advice

These options will not be enabled for every environment, so the content of the overview may vary.

At the bottom of this page there are even more (graphical) overviews to include in the report. An overview can be added for all completed education and work experience. In addition, there are selection fields for content from the ambition, questionnaire and 'photos and video' module. All content of those modules created by the relevant portfolio will be included if these fields are selected.

General advice

The general advice contains one entry field as standard. An accompanying role can place a general conclusion and/or recommendation in this. Selection fields for content from the ambition, questionnaire and 'photos and video' module are also available here.

Custom reporting

A custom report can contain various input fields with a name of your choice. Because these have to be set up in the background, Paragin will have to create these fields.

Internal module name: report and customreport

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.