• 24 Aug 2023
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Article Summary


The Samples menu item (this is the default name) shows an overview of all practice exams that are scheduled, or have been taken at an earlier time. Filters can be used to look up specific participants or exams. Exams that have been completed can be found under the 'Completed' tab.

This tab displays whether or not a participant has passed an exam, depending on what the supervisor has indicated. This can be done in different ways, depending on what is set up in the MyPortfolio environment. On the right side of a completed exam is a magnifying glass icon. This can have different colors, based on the assessment. Click on this icon to view the completed assessment. The assessment form can also still be downloaded using the download icon. This is the form not yet completed.

It is possible that under the 'Practice Exam' column a block with a certain color is displayed. By hovering the mouse over it, the exact rating for this exam will become visible. Again, the color will change depending on the rating.

See the article Reviewing and grading exams for how to grade a sample.

Internal module name: assignmentsample

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.

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