• 24 Aug 2023
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Article Summary


The training module can be used to set up and manage training courses. Setting up a training contains various options such as adjusting the number of participants, automatically creating groups and assigning trainers. The training courses can serve as an online format, but it is also possible to offer courses at a physical location.

Participants can be added to training courses, so that they receive information about the training such as the time, content and (possibly) the place. The participants can also be automatically added to a participant group when participating in the training. In addition, a link can be made with RemindoToets, if desired.

There are different parts to this module, depending on the role in the MyPortfolio environment. Depending on the settings, different roles have the option to create the trainings and assign participants. There are a number of input fields for setting instructions, including for composing an e-mail message. The respective roles can set up a trainer that has been entered in the environment, for example a supervisor.


  • (Internal) training/education

The training module is useful for (internally) setting up training courses. When employees are allowed or required to develop a certain quality, this can be included in a training course by means of assignments, for example. Because the training module provides a simple overview of the participants and absentees, it is clear to an organization who has participated in what. Also use (printing) the attendance list for this.

There is a handy link to the Message wall module, because the participants of a training can be automatically placed in a group. A message wall can be set up to be accessible to a specific group, such as the participants of a training. Try this when creating a new workout!


Create a workout

Administrators create a new training in the module on the left, called 'Training management'. Click on 'Add training' in the overview of this module. Enter the desired properties in the screen that follows. By adding a qualification, only participants with that qualification are allowed to take this training. Evaluation forms are created using the module Evaluation.

When filling in the text fields, make sure that the correct information is in the correct field. These are shown to the participant at different times. At the bottom are a number of options for automatic assignment. This concerns a specific group or groups in which participants will be placed, a supervisor who will be assigned and, if possible, a RemindoTest module that will be linked to this training. Questionnaires, e-learnings and processes can also be automatically assigned here.


If a date, time and/or place should be linked to the training, enable the option 'Add data to this training'. For example, additional options can be used via the overview to set up one or more training moments. The place and time will also be visible in the overview.


After creating a training, it is not automatically activated. Look for this under the tab 'Inactive trainings'. Set the training(s) to active here.

Add or register participants

In the participant overview (default name: Portfolios) the desired participants can be checked. Participants can be added there with the action 'Sign up for training'. Click on 'Run', in the screen that follows, the desired training sessions can be selected. Indicate whether a confirmation e-mail should be sent to the relevant participants.


An extra module is available for the training overview, which is not accessible to participants. This overview indicates which training courses have been set up and which participants will participate or have participated in those training courses. To do this, click on the menu item 'Training overview'.

Participants can also register themselves for a training. This can be done in the module called 'Training', where an overview will appear of all training courses to which they are linked. The training courses for which another user has (automatically) registered them will also be shown here.

To register as a participant for a training, click on 'I would like to register' for an available training. After registering, the training can be marked as completed or unsubscribe in the same place.

If all places of a training are occupied, the participant will be placed on the reserve list. If a place becomes available, this participant can still follow the training.

View and exit training

The 'Training' module contains an overview of the available training courses, along with the descriptions that were entered when creating the training. This is available for all roles.

The roles that can edit training must have a date and location added before the training appears in this overview. Therefore, make sure that the information is filled in.

You can also close a training in this overview, under the 'Been' tab. If a training is listed here, it means that the time taken for the training has passed. Click on the green check mark on the right to record the presentation and close the training. A new screen will open, in which you can set the presence of all participants. New participants can also be added, in case they were not registered before the training. At the bottom of this screen, the training status should be set to 'Closed'.

Internal module name: Training

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.