• 29 Mar 2024
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Welcome to the Knowledge Base for RemindoTest.

With RemindoTest, you take care of the entire process of testing and examining from an online management environment. Create tests from different question types such as multiple choice, hot spot, drag and sort and open questions. Enrich cases with images, videos and audio clips. Offer tests in a secure digital test player environment and make the results available to the candidate online.

Select one of the themes on the left side to view the various items!
Below is a brief explanation of each theme.

User management
In this theme all information related to creating users (candidates and tutors) can be found.

The various question types are explained, as well as media types, case texts and navigating the question bank.

Constructing tests, setting the caesura and the many options surrounding them are discussed in this topic.

Paper tests
In this article on paper tests, all articles related to administering paper tests are collected.

This topic contains articles that describe the process around planning a test.

Test taking
Taking as a candidate, online and paper, and the activity summary are explained here.

Checking answers and changing results
After a test with open questions has been taken, it will need to be manually reviewed. Everything about correction rounds and adapting an answer model is discussed in this topic.

Results and analysis
Analyzing the test results afterwards provides interesting information about, for example, the reliability of these results. This topic contains articles about results, analysis and statistical values available in RemindoTest.

Management and settings
The test manager and test player of RemindoTest have many settings. By effectively setting up the environments, the testing process is best tailored to the users.

Securiting test taking
There are several ways to make testing even more secure. These include the use of online proctoring, specific browsers or plagiarism control.

Single Sign-On for RemindoTest
The different methods for Single Sign-on are explained in this chapter.

Release Notes
RemindoTest has a number of releases each year. In this theme you can read which adjustments have been made in which release.

Disclaimer: This text was automatically translated from the Dutch version.